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threaded taper pins
taper pins threaded taper pins dowel pins screw machine products clevis pins
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Taper Pins

A&S Pin Products Inc. stocks an extensive assortment of standard and special taper pins. Our taper pins conform to the highest standards whether it be for Standard B5.20, Metric BS.46, MS-24692 or your unique manufacturing requirements. We manufacture products from any available material and all with full certifications when required.

Materials Used:

  • Low and High Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steels (303, 304, 316, 410, 416, 13-8, 17-4)
  • Monels (R, K, 400, 405, 500)
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Hastaloy
  • Titanium
  • Waspaloy
  • A286
  • Alloy B7
  • B16
  • Drill Rod


Threaded Taper Pins

We offer a wide variety of threaded taper pins manufactured to meet your unique specifications. We also stock industry standard threaded taper pins for a wide variety of industries ranging from commercial to military. We offer several varieties of threaded taper pins including threaded small end taper pins and precision ground taper pins. We offer threaded and Pull Style, sizes 3/0 to #14. All of our products are made in the USA at our Worcester, Massachusetts manufacturing facility.


Dowel PIns

A&S Pin Products Inc. offers a wide range of dowel pins. Our dowel pins are offered in sizes from one eighth of an inch to two inches. We offer Standard dowel pins, Metrics, Oversize, Wedge or Special dowel pins in all materials. And we offer all styles of AN and MS pins. Whether you have requirements for standard dowel pins or oversized dowel pins, tapered or pull style dowel pins, we'll be able to accommodate your dowel pin needs.



Clevis Pins

A&S Pin Products Inc. offers a wide variety of clevis pins. Whether your application is for automotive, aircraft, construction or manufacturing, our clevis pins are offered in a wide range of materials meeting your specifications for length, diameter, and hole size. Our clevis pins are offered in Standard B18.8, MS20392, from one eighth of an inch to one and one quarter inch. We offer clevis pins in all materials.


Military Pins

Our Military Pins are fully certified including heat treating and plating. We offer MS16555, MS16556, AN122676-774, MS24692, AN386, MS9390, MS51932, N607, MS20392, MS9464, MS9465, MS9466, MS9467, MS9863, MS9848 and Mil Spec Specials.


Screw Machine Products

A&S Pin Products Inc. supplies screw machine products worldwide. Our screw machine products range in size from one eighth of an inch to two inches with lengths up to 12 inches. We offer complete secondary operations and centerless grinding. We serve a wide variety of customers and are able to develop products to meet your specifications. Our manufacturing facility located in Worcester, Massachusetts is optimally set up to rapidly produce your special run of products efficiently and effectively. A&S Pin Products Inc. would like to be your supplier for screw machine products.


Contact us for your taper pin, threaded taper pin, dowel pin, clevis pin, military pins or screw machine product requirements.